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Warranty on Services

Window Replacement Warranties

You should always be well-informed and aware when it comes to your replacement window warranties for problem free (and less stressful redemption). Warranties will differ and be unique between window companies/manufacturers for their replacement windows, including the warranty parts, transferability of warranty, prorating of warranty, and various limits and restrictions that will be always be included in your replacement window warranty.

Companies may offer their window replacement warranty to cover both parts and service particularly windows installed by an authorized contractor or dealer. This is standard procedure for most and easier to deal with so you will only need to work with one company regarding any issues that may arise. On the other hand, windows installed by an independent contractor won’t likely provide a warranty on their installation service.

You will also want a transferable warranty that could significantly increase the resale value of your home. Transferrable warranties will allow you to transfer your owner warranty to a new owner if you decide to sell your home in the future. The warranty will therefore automatically transfer to the new owner of your house or condo, making it an excellent sales feature to attract a buyer for your home. It is useful since it will provide buyers with considerable peace-of-mind that the windows are still protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Replacement Window Warranty
When considering your warranty, make sure to examine it in great detail. In addition, you should ask the manufacturer or retailer about anything in the warranty that needs clarification. Reputable businesses will make it a priority to help you understand.

Transferable Window Warranty Provision
Make sure to ask if the warranty is transferable. This is crucial since your warranty might expire if you sell your house. This might affect the sale price of your home significantly especially if you invest in high-end windows to beautify your home. They should cover your purchase for at least ten years and will hopefully cover any potential new owners of your home. In many cases, manufacturers can offer a lifetime warranty but only if their company is still around.

Prorated Window Warranty Provision
Many manufacturer warranties can be prorated. This means that over the life of a warranty, a smaller part of the costs is covered. To illustrate, Company A offers a 10-year warranty on their wood windows that covers them for the initial 5 years. Prorated coverage is as follows: 50% for years 6-10 then 25% for years 11-15 and so forth. The warranty might also be available non-prorated if you want.

Another factor to consider and inquire about is the manufacturer’s service. Does the company have a qualified staff to provide service when you need it? How long will it take for them to provide service, and what is the quality of their overall service? You can also consider window replacement contractors in case you need faster service.

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