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Garbage Disposals

  • Garbage Disposals

Chicago Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement
It’s most likely time to replace or repair your disposal if for some reason it stops working correctly. This can be difficult as the space under your kitchen sink is confined and uncomfortable, and rather than try to do it yourself, it’s a good idea to consult an expert plumber. We can come to your home and go over the options, or we can even install a disposal that you purchase and provide to us.

Proper Care
Garbage disposals come in especially handing in your kitchen when disposing leftovers or messy food scraps. In order to keep disposals in prime working condition, properly care for your disposal and consider the following:

Never use your hand to pull items out of your disposal.
Always run water before and after running your disposal.
Do not use bleach, chemicals, or drain cleaners, bleach, or other chemicals into your disposal.
Do not grind bones or try to put any of the following down the garbage disposal: coffee grounds, things like metal glass, rubber, or, or overly-fibrous materials (like corn husks).
Use cold water when you grind food. Hot water can melt fats that clog up.
Do not overfill the garbage disposal



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