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About EcoBuildCo.

EcoBuildCo. is an eco-friendly construction company that takes a “green” approach to build new structures and make renovations on existing ones. We use energy-efficient fixtures and materials with lower carbon footprints, among many other sustainable resources, combined with the latest in environmentally-friendly methodologies so our clients and the earth can benefit. For our clients, our results mean lower utility bills and an overall more comfortable and healthy home. For the earth, it means less waste and harmful materials introduced into the environment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to change the old mentality of building homes, to implement new technology for achieving maximum results in home design, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Sustainable Building

Green or sustainable structures are designed, constructed, renovated, operated, and even reused in eco-friendly and resource-efficient ways. EcobuildCo. designs buildings with the recommended shape and orientation that’s recommended as better for the environment. We use sustainable building materials that are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment and people. We also install the latest in energy-efficient and water-conserving fixtures. Our goals are to design and build buildings that are not only more resource-friendly, and budget-friendly in the long run, but are overall healthier for the residents and the earth.

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